Jumat, 15 Agustus 2014

Media Pembelajaran KUAS IPA VIII-2013

Suhardin, S.Pd, 2014,  The use of KUAS IPA in creasing the student’s achievement at class VIII of SMPN 17 Kendari.

Unstability of classroom and tools that are had by the science laboratory of SMPN 17 Kendari compared with the number of student’s and classroom, so that these cases motivate the teacher’s ability to develop the simple tool called KUAS (Kotak Uji Amilum Sederhana) of science for doing the pratice of plant photosynthesis. This research is couducted to know, wheather the use of  KUAS IPA can increase the student’s achivement at class VIII of SMPN 17 Kendari is couducted for two classes of sample in random. The measuring of learning result is done through pre-test and post-test at class VIII.10 for demonstration activity then at class VIII.3 for experiment activity.
The results of the research is to oceured the increasing of learning result of students like the classical average is from 20,43 to be 82.61 with the classical final completeness score gets 78,26% for demonstration activity at class VIII.10, where as the getting experiment activity is better, with classical average is from 19,2 to be 93,2 with the classical final completeness score gets 96%. The authentication through t-test with validity 95% gets the result of   t-account > t-table for both of classes sample, however the effectiveness of use of the tool KUAS IPA is better through the experiment activity than the demonstration activity.

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