Jumat, 15 Agustus 2014

Media Pembelajaran Filektramasi-VII -2012

 Suhardin, S.Pd, 2012, The research title is The Using of Modification and Innovation media of  Simple Filektramasi in  Increase Natural Science of students class VII to The Separation Composition Substance in Junior High School 17 Kendari. 
The research focus on a problem “ Do the using of modification and innnovation media of simple filektramasi can effective to the study and increase study result classically of composition separation subtance of student class VII in Junior High School 17 Kendari. 
The conclusion of the research by using  this study media is the level of natural science study effectivity by using the simple filektramasi media has elone by teacher and student achieved more than 95% so that through the study, has increased the students study result considered after study process or the study result in formerly year with average of classical completeness achieved to the sample class about 88,89 and 90,00 with classical completeness about 89,47% and 91,30%.

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